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 The ferry service  leavs the Carrabelle River docks.  The return  leaves the Tyson harbor ferry landing.  The current schedule is also located on the Island Contacts page.  Please view times as "sharp".  Please do not expect to be late and still make the schedule.  Always call 850-697-8909 to confirm the run.... it only runs if it has passengers.

Spring,summer  & fall
Lv Carrabelle                        Lv island
Fri noon                                1pm
Fri 6:00 pm                           7pm
Sat 10am                               11am
Sunday 1pm                        2pm
Monday 8am                      9am
Monday 6pm                      7pm

 Winter (dec 1-feb 29)
Lv Carrabelle                       Lv Island
Fri noon                                1pm
Fri 5 pm                                 6pm
Sunday 1pm                        2pm
Monday 8am                      9am
Monday 5pm                      6pm


The vessel is the "Miss Baby", a fully inspected, Coast Guard certified, white Island Hopper 30. Service is on a first-come, first-served.    A passenger log will be kept by the Captain for the purpose of documenting ridership.  Any questions regarding available space, reservations, weather delays or other issues must be directed to       All Aboard Cruise & Tow at (850) 697-8909.  Please minimize the amount of extraneous gear you bring.  All operational and safety decisions, including passenger numbers and cargo for a specific trip, are at the discretion of the Captain


                                                  FOR ISLAND OWNERS ONLY: A COMMUNITY SITE OF OUR OWN
The group info is as follows:  The way this group works is that to subscribe, you send an email message (from the address you want group mail sent to) to dogisland-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. The moderator gets a message that someone wants to join. Then the moderator goes to the group management page and approves or rejects the new member. As far as who gets to be a member, the current group charter reads:

"A group for property owners and other stakeholders on Dog Island, a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico "

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